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Inroads Analytics shares your passion for advancing higher education. They empower your frontline admissions and marketing teams to recruit, enroll and retain best-fit students. Inroads Analytics brings together a dynamic combination of data strategy, accessible predictive analytics, and academic sales development. Discover how they can help you build data-informed teams that translate insights into enrollment wins through our series of videos with President and CEO Gerald Stanley.

Exclusive Overview of Inroads Analytics

We go 'behind the pitch deck' with these exclusive interviews with Gerald Stanley, President and CEO of Inroads Analytics — check out his answers to our questions about Inroads Analytics' features in our videos below.

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Meet Inroads Analytics — the Leader in Predictive Analytics for Enrollment Management

Get to know Inroads Analytics’ product offerings.

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What is Predictive Analytics and Why is it Important for Higher Ed Admissions and Marketing?

Understand how predictive analytics applies to enrollment management.

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How Would You Convince Mark Cuban to Invest in Inroads Analytics?

Gerald shares his pitch about the unique value proposition Inroads Analytics provides compared to other players in this space.

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When is the Right Time to Develop a Predictive Analytics Strategy for Your School?

Learn when an institution should get started with predictive analytics to confront specific enrollment challenges.

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How to Increase Enrollment with Predictive Analytics and Academic Sales Coaching

Learn how to boost your bottom line (enrolled students) with Inroads Analytics. 

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Predictive Analytics Informs Your Admissions Team Who to Call, And Who Not to — Here's How!

Glean insight into the prospects worth pursuing, backed by solid data.

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How to Integrate Predictive Analytics Insights into Your CRM

Gerald shows how you can input the information from predictive models into your CRM.

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What Are Some Examples of Predictive Models Inroads Analytics Has Built?

Take a look at some real examples clients have created.

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What Does Academic Sales Coaching ACTUALLY Look Like?

Learn how Inroads Analytics ensures that you can effectively leverage predictive analytics for enrollment.

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How Taylor University Achieved Enrollment Growth with Predictive Analytics

Dive into one institution’s successful experience with Inroads Analytics.

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How is Inroads Analytics Different from RNL, EAB, and Othot?

Discover how Inroads Analytics stacks up against competitors.

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What Does Inroads Analytics Do Better Than Everyone Else? And What do They Actually Cost?

Gerald unpacks the Inroads Analytics pricing model.

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Many institutions are struggling with a shrinking applicant pool. Find out how rAdmit enabled Taylor University to sustainably meet these challenges and transform their strategic enrollment management model.

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Got a minute? Watch a quick explainer video to learn how inSuite Educate predictive analytics will empower your frontline teams to engage prospective students with the best potential to meet your target enrollment objectives.

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Our CEO Gerald Stanley joins Taylor University’s director of enterprise data systems in this illuminating discussion on the power of connecting analytics systems with your admissions and marketing teams.

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Gerald Stanley

Gerald is the President and CEO of Inroads Analytics. He has spent the past 20 years in SaaS development and deployment according to client specifications. As the lead developer for the inSuite Educate predictive analytics platform, Gerald is the central figure for making data science accessible and actionable for your enrollment teams.

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