Meet Mongoose Harmony

Harmony transforms your website into a delightfully easy self-service hub. Not only can the virtual assistant answer FAQs, but it also taps into your existing systems and engages with visitors until their desired task is complete. So department staff and call center reps don’t have to answer the same questions over and over (and over). Find out more about Harmony's features through our series of videos with Product Manager Amy Kilpatrick.

Exclusive Overview of Mongoose Harmony

We go 'behind the pitch deck' with these exclusive interviews with Amy Kilpatrick, Harmony Product Manager — check out her answers to our questions about the intelligent virtual assistant's features in our videos below.

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Meet Harmony — Mongoose’s Chatbot Solution

What is Harmony’s unique value proposition with relation to the greater edtech space?

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How Would You Convince Mark Cuban to Invest in Harmony?

What’s the elevator pitch you give to explain Harmony as a product?

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Do Schools Really Need Chatbots?

How is Harmony different from other chatbot and live chat tools?

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What Does the Onboarding Process of Harmony Actually Look Like?

What does the set-up process for Harmony look like? How long does it take to build a chatbot?

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How do You Brand a Harmony Chatbot?

Does Mongoose help their clients develop the bot's personality?

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What Does the Backend of Harmony Look Like?

How do Mongoose clients create and edit chatbots?

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How do Harmony Clients Evaluate the Success of Their Bots?

Does Harmony integrate with higher ed CRMs?

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Is Harmony a True Machine Learning Bot? How Does it Actually Use AI?

Does Harmony support machine learning and rules-based bots?

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How Harmony Enables Schools to Deliver a Better User Experience

How does Harmony capture insight into the topics prospects care most about?

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How Many Chatbots Should a School Have?

Does a university need one chatbot across their site, or versions made specifically for certain audiences?

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Who Are Harmony's Most Direct Competitors?

How does Harmony stack up against AdmitHub, Gecko Engage, and Ocelot?

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Real Talk — How Much Does Harmony Actually Cost?

What can users expect to spend each year on a tool like Harmony?

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Nicole Gates

Bringing global marketing experience in both B2B and B2C industries to Mongoose, Nicole Gates is a Director of Marketing with chops. While results are the ultimate goal (and she moves the needle like a Chuck Berry guitar solo), Nicole guides Mongoose's team with grace and poise. Tactical, strategic, focused — these are the stickers on her Trapper Keeper, and Mongoose is lucky to have her at the reins.

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