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PlatformQ Education is evolving how students and institutions engage. Their technology enables hundreds of colleges and universities to connect with students at every stage of the process; from inquiry conversion to alumni engagement. PlatformQ Education's team of designers, engineers, product marketers, and client managers bring unmatched expertise in evolving your engagement strategy online. Find out more about PlatformQ Education's features through our series of helpful videos with Gil Rogers, Executive Vice President of PlatformQ Education.

Exclusive Overview of PlatformQ Education

We go 'behind the pitch deck' with these exclusive interviews with  Gil Rogers, Executive Vice President of PlatformQ Education — check out his answers to our questions about PlatformQ Education's features in our videos below.

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Meet Gil Rogers, Executive Vice President of PlatformQ Education

Gil has worked in higher ed marketing and technology for years — and is one of the most influential voices in the enrollment marketing technology space!

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How Will Conduit Increase Engagement with Prospects?

Perhaps you’ve heard of Conduit but aren’t entirely sure what it is? Get a 30,000-foot overview on the value of the product.

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How Would PlatformQ Education’s Conduit Product Complement Our Current Processes?

Watch Gil explain the various ways in which higher ed marketers and enrollment managers use Conduit.

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How Notre Dame and Cal State Fullerton Are Using Conduit for Student Recruitment

See Gil walk through two case studies in real time for how institutions are using Conduit for enrollment marketing and student recruitment.

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How Do Students Access Conduit?

Get a behind-the-scenes look at how Conduit users can invite students directly into the platform and to specific pages without requiring registration.

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How Does Conduit Integrate into an Institution’s Email Marketing Strategy?

See how institutions have incorporated Conduit into their greater enrollment marketing strategies.

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How Long Does it Take to Get Set Up with Conduit?

Getting set up with Conduit is easy! Watch as Gil leads viewers through the various steps Conduit clients take in order to become launch-ready.

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How Does Personalized Marketing Automation in Conduit Work?

Discover the communications sequencing that institutions can do in Conduit to better personalize each student’s experience of the platform.

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How Are Institutions Leveraging Data in Conduit to Make Smarter Recruitment Decisions?

Watch as Gil explains the various data insights and analytical tools that Conduit offers and get a sense for how these insights empower enrollment managers to recruit more intelligently.

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How Does Conduit Integrate with an Institution's CRM?

Discover how institutions use Conduit in conjunction with Slate, Salesforce, and Element451, among other CRMs.

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Does PlatformQ Help Institutions Create Content for Conduit?

Outside of the Conduit platform, PlatformQ offers an array of marketing and consulting services that marketers and admissions professionals can take advantage of.

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How Does Conduit Improve an Institution's Website User Experience?

Discover Conduit’s live chat features, marketing automation tools, and strategic partnerships.

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Who Are Conduit's Competitors? And How is Conduit Different from Them?

Who are Conduit’s top competitors? What do they do better than Conduit and what does Conduit do better than them?

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How Much Does Conduit Actually Cost?

Gil shoots straight with listeners about the various price points Conduit starts at!

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Gil Rogers

Gil is the Executive Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, Marketing and Outreach for PlatformQ Education. He has nearly 20 years of experience in higher education, edtech, and digital marketing with experience at the University of Hartford and University of New Haven, as well as Zinch (acquired by Chegg, NYSE: CHGG), and the National Research Center for College and University Admissions (NRCCUA) prior to its acquisition by ACT. At PQE Gil helped lead the introduction of the Conduit platform to the market to support continuous student engagement in a robust, institutionally-branded environment to drive better conversion and yield.

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