FRIdeas #1: 3 Ideas for How to Execute Yield Campaigns in the COVID-19 Era


About the Episode

The team and I have been on a tear trying to deliver value during these unprecedented times. 

Today, we're proud to launch a new, weekly series called FRIdeas... 

Each week, we'll be sharing three fresh, free ideas for how to market to and recruit students in this new reality. In episode one, we share 3 Ideas for How to Execute Yield Campaigns in the COVID-19 Era.

Don't have time to watch me share these ideas with you? That's a bummer, but I get it. Here's the TL;DW: 

🌎 — Launch an outreach campaign to accepted students in a 60-mile radius (watch the video to get a couple of specific, fresh ideas that won't be fresh for long!)

📱 — Create a video SMS texting campaign that offers the ability to connect with a student (watch the video to see an example of how this works!)

🍻 — Organize an exciting, virtual happy hour session for accepted graduate students (watch the video for tips on how to prevent awkward Zoom calls!)

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