FRIdeas #16: Your Website is Now Your Most Important Tool for Student Recruitment...It's Time to Audit it for Dead Ends


About the Episode

I've been thinking a lot about branding lately. 

So, when an Enrollify subscriber (we'll call him Gary) reached out and invited me to chat with him about his program's "brand conundrum", I gladly accepted. 

"We're two times the cost of the program down the street", Gary said. 

"Our program is worth every penny...but inquiries are consistently shocked once they see our price", he added. 

I told him I'd run through his website and communications as a prospective student and get back to him. 

After bouncing around his website, inquiring about the program, and receiving the first couple of comm flow emails, I reached back out to Gary...

"You have a Cadillac, Gary...but you're branding and marketing it like a Kia." (to steal one of my favorite Mickey Baines-isms). 

Gary has a luxury product. But you wouldn't know it because his branding and communications look just like the program down the street.

Of course Gary's conundrum is not as simple as this.

But our conversation reminded me just how important being different in enrollment marketing really is...especially when competition is a primary concern. 

So, I decided to take a stab at drafting three unique post-inquiry trigger emails that you should steal before someone else does.

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