FRIdeas #18: 3 New Tools Enrollment Marketers Should Seriously Think About Using Going into Fall 2020


About the Episode

It was going to cost her $200,000...  

Was it worth it?  

She wanted my thoughts — so she messaged me in our premium Slack channel

The scope of work was pretty standard.  A good mix of qualitative and quantitative research coupled with persona development. Surveys, interviews, you know the drill.

6 months. $200k. All to confirm what she already suspected about her audience. 

I told her that the entire market research and audience intelligence industry is being disrupted by tools like SparkToro

We chatted some more, and, in the end, determined that that cash could go a lot further in other ways...especially in 2020. 

My conversation with Jen (not her real name), inspired me to focus this week's episode around a few new tools that have real potential to help enrollment marketers move the needle this fall.

Sure, these tools aren't as robust as a 6-month market research and persona development project...but they might get you closer to the insights you're after than you'd suspect. 

Oh, and did I mention they cost upwards of $200...not $200,000?

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