FRIdeas #2: 3 Ideas for How to Augment Your Email Comm Flows in the COVID-19 Era


About the Episode

I submitted RFI forms at 80 different business schools…here's what happened!

Don't have time to watch me share these ideas with you? That's a bummer, but I get it. Here's the TL;DW: 

  • I submitted RFI/RMI forms at 80 different business schools…watch the video to see what I discovered. 

  • Schools should obsess over their trigger communications (any email automatically sent after a user completes a form). No one is doing this well right now, which means there's a huge opportunity here to further engage a prospect while they're hot! 

  • More personalization should = a better prospect experience (don't ask a prospect to give you their info unless you're going to use it to better personalize their journey to enrollment). 

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