FRIdeas #21: 3 Ideas on How to Make Your Virtual Fall Recruitment Events Stand Out...


About the Episode

This week I received 7 webinar invitation emails, 5 virtual conference invitation emails, and 12 reminder emails about virtual events that kickoff next week...

It's a lot.  And I now may or may not be guilty of immediately deleting any email that has "webinar" in the subject line 😬. 

Every enrollment marketer knows how crucial events are to meeting their enrollment goals — in fact, 40-50% of prospective students who attend an (in-person) event will start an application (the average of our parent company, DD Agency's, clients).

Virtual events will never be the same as an on-campus recruitment experience, but they can be so much better than many of the events I've seen/participated in over the last few weeks. 

How can you make your events stand out? 

You can start by watching this week's episode of FRIdeas!

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