FRIdeas #40: How Enrollment Marketers Should Advertise on TikTok


About the Episode

TikTok advertising today is basically what Facebook Advertising was in 2014 — organic reach is incredible, quality impressions is a given, and competition (in higher education anyway) is low. So why aren't more schools allocating resources to developing their TikTok strategy?

According to Enrollify subscribers, it's "because we aren't sure how to get started." Well, buckle up folks because on this week's episode of FRIdeas, Zach shares detailed insight into why enrollment marketers should up their TikTok game today, and tangible ideas for how they can do so. 

Watch this video to understand the various advertising options available on the platform, which colleges and universities are currently slaying their TikTok game, and what investment your school should be ready to make when starting out. 

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