FRIdeas #43: How to Advertise on YouTube [Part 3]: Generating Qualified Inquiries and Maximizing ROI


About the Episode

In the third and final part of our YouTube Advertising for Higher Ed Marketers series, we teach you how to generate qualified inquiries using YouTube TrueView for Action Campaigns. 

TrueView for action campaigns are skippable in-stream ads designed to drive leads and online conversions by adding prominent calls-to-action to your video ads. 

Discover how to reach more qualified prospective students by experimenting with remarketing lists, optimizing your bidding strategies, and using converting and assisting keywords from your Search campaigns to create a more customized audience for you to reach.

Unpack why your daily budget should be 10X your Video CPA, how to help YouTube's optimization algorithm improve your campaign faster, and how sitelink extensions on TrueView for action campaigns can drive up to 40% higher conversions! 

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