FRIdeas #45: The 2021 Enrollment Marketing Benchmarks Report for Graduate Enrollment Managers


About the Episode

Has graduate enrollment marketing really changed because of the pandemic? 

The DD Agency team wanted to find out, so they dedicated the better part of 3 months to crafting one of the industry's most comprehensive research reports on the state of enrollment marketing in graduate student recruitment.

On this week's episode, Zach walks through some of the most compelling insights the 2021 Enrollment Marketing Benchmarks uncovers. 

To access the full benchmarks report, visit!

More about benchmark data and the 2021 Enrollment Marketing Benchmarks Report:

  • The research conducted for this report spanned a period of 12 months looking at hundreds of marketing campaigns that involved thousands of content pieces and prospect actions.

  • The vast majority of marketing tactics and channels were targeted to prospective graduate students roughly 18-50 years of age, across an extremely wide variety of demographics, psychographics, industries, professions, and education levels. The following statistics allow you to understand the breadth and depth of data we scoured that is the backbone of this report.

  • The way schools used to rely on physical, in-person recruitment events has dramatically changed over the past few years, but has been especially impacted since the start of the pandemic.

  • Grad school fairs are no longer the mass-recruitment lead source they once were, and schools have moved to hosting their own information sessions and open houses.

  • The biggest change in the last year is the predominance of virtual events as a result of the pandemic, which means we now have more data on virtual admissions-related events than ever before to analyze and identify the new benchmarks.

  • Before the pandemic, virtual events typically achieved 25-40% attendance rates out of registrants, but as you will see in the report, more students are signing up and attending recruitment events than ever before.

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