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Fairfax, VA    |    30 Employees

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Today’s enrollment managers are required to intelligently and efficiently design a variety of pathways in an assortment of formats that help nurture prospects along the applicant journey in a way that is highly-personalized, notably-fast, and ridiculously-helpful. Oh, and to do so with limited staff, less budget, and little-to-no time. But if enrollment managers had quicker access to blog posts, eCourses, training videos, and tactical resource guides the helped quickly, but meaningful, equip them with the insights and ideas they need to attract the right students to their programs, would we see a healthier and more sustainable student recruitment process? Would we see an increase in yield rates and retention rates if enrollment managers had better tools to attract the best-fit future-students from the beginning? Enrollify produces content in a wide variety of formats — articles, videos, podcasts, newsletters, eCourses, premium content pieces, and more — on a diverse profile of enrollment marketing topics. The content produced on this platform is original, commissioned, and curated.

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