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The Enrollify Podcast

Each week, the Enrollify Podcast equips you with insights into how the latest trends in marketing and technology are affecting enrollment managers. Every episode is designed to inspire new, creative ideas for how to optimize the resources you have to generate the results you need.

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Fanatical Fridays

On this weekly podcast segment, Mickey Baines from Kennedy & Company and Zach Busekrus from Enrollify discuss the traits, strategies, and tactics that separate the best enrollment management teams from the rest of the pack. They riff on the latest marketing and technology trends shaping enrollment management, share insights into what they’re “noodling” on with respect to admissions and marketing in any given week, and give you really specific, tactical advice on how to move the needle in your context over the next 7 days. This podcast is a collaboration between Enrollify and Kennedy & Company.

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CRMprov w Logo@2x


CRMprov is a biweekly show that reveals how institutions can experience growth through technology. Tune in as higher ed enthusiasts Mickey Baines and Jamie Gleason partake in free-range dialogue around changes in edtech (including CRMs), vendor tutorials, insights on outcomes, industry adoption, and more!

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Starter Stories w Logo

Starter Stories

Welcome to Starter Stories, a podcast that explores the stories behind the world’s leading education technology companies and education consultancies...and the people who created them. In each episode, you’ll hear about the grit, the strategies, the wins, the failures, and the serendipity that transpired to take a half-baked idea and bring it to life. 

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