Episode 71: The Future of Financial Aid — And How to Disrupt The College Board's Monopoly on Purchased Names

Posted By Dror Liebenthal on Jan 14, 2021 12:26:54 PM

Meet Dror Liebenthal — the Co-founder and CEO of Bold.org, an organization committed to eliminating the student debt crisis in the United States, and building a more sustainable recruitment and enrollment experience between students and higher education institutions.

The average student today will graduate more than $30,000 in debt and is far less likely to start small businesses, seek the highest impact careers, buy homes, or start families.

Students around the country are taking on huge amounts of debt to get access to the education they want and need. By enabling students to fund their education through exclusive funding opportunities, Bold.org broadens access to that education in an affordable and sustainable way.

Topics: Enrollment Marketing, Student Recruitment, Digital Advertising

Dror Liebenthal

About the Interviewee

Dror immigrated to the US and was the first in his family to navigate the US education system, with scholarships opening critical educational doors along the way. As the CEO of Bold.org, Dror focuses on scaling product, growth, and operations towards our mission of fighting student debt. Dror also leads our philanthropic efforts and relationships with donors as President of the Bold Foundation. Prior to co-founding Bold.org, Dror was an Entrepreneur in Residence at Mechanism Ventures and the VP of Operations at a high-growth talent network, leading globally distributed teams across a wide range of domains. Dror graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Chemical and Biological Engineering from Princeton University, with additional focuses in Computer Science and Moral Philosophy.

Zach Busekrus

Hosted by Zach Busekrus

Zach is one of the founders of Enrollify. He is also the Director of Marketing Strategy at DD Agency — an enrollment marketing technology agency that helps undergraduate and graduate institutions recruit students. He thoroughly enjoys building new brands, developing and executing content marketing strategies, and helping clients rank better on SEO. When he's not in the office, he enjoys discussing life's quandaries over coffee (or a good bourbon) with friends, trying out new virtual HIIT workouts, and adventuring across the globe with his wife!

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