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Enrollify Roadshow Day 1

Our first stop for this Roadshow was San Francisco, California, where we chatted with students from local universities about their college search process. In this recap, we cover the great insight we garnered around what challenges these prospective students faced, as well as why they ultimately made the decision to enroll at their current university. 

Enrollify Roadshow Day 2

After hearing from students earlier this week about their college search experience and how they were marketed to as high schoolers, we wanted to sit down with a few people who spend their days helping institutions of all shapes and sizes market to and recruit right-fit students... Hear what some of the bet and brightest higher ed marketing agency leaders had to say. 

Enrollify Roadshow Day 3

The final day of the Roadshow took place in San Diego, California, where we asked students "If you had $100k to recruit graduate students like you, how would you do so?" But the biggest takeaway... More than half of the students we talked to said that 50% of the grad schools they inquired at failed to send them the information they requested! 


This Roadshow Was Made Drivable by Unibuddy

Unibuddy — the leader in peer-to-peer marketing from student recruitment — has now joined an elite roster of Slate Platinum Preferred Partners to kickstart a groundbreaking partnership. This top-level partnership means bringing colleges and universities added benefits and functionality across their tech stack, plus better visibility into student data across all stages of the prospect’s higher education journey.

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