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Enrollify Roadshow Day 1

We kicked off the roadshow in Boston, where we talked to many students about the future of higher education. There were a lot of great takeaways from these conversations, including the importance of knowing your short-term earning potential, the dangers of declaring a major too soon, and the stigma surrounding people who opt out of college. Watch the video to hear what the students had to say!

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Enrollify Roadshow Day 2

On our second day out on the road, we talked to faculty and staff about what they think needs to change regarding the positioning, modality, and value proposition of higher education. We discussed experiential learning with faculty from the University of New Hampshire. Watch the recap video to find out what they shared with us.

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Enrollify Roadshow Day 3

What do incentive alignment, flexibility in graduate education, and a graduate enrollment digital strategy team have in common? They were all concepts gleaned from conversations with staff and students at Boston College and Roger Williams University during our last pit stops. Watch the video to hear insights from the people we spoke with about how to reimagine graduate admissions and set up sustainable structures that allow grad admissions teams to thrive.

This Roadshow Was Made Drivable by Element451

Element451 is an advanced student engagement CRM, providing higher ed institutions with a competitive admissions advantage from recruitment to enrollment through the use of AI, student behavior data, and modern marketing automation. 

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