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Enrollify contributors are experts in the enrollment marketing space. Contributors are enrollment management, higher ed marketing and communications, and marketing technology professionals who are innovative thinkers committed to bettering the journey to enrollment for today’s prospective students.  Read more about our contributors, and feel free to connect with them on LinkedIn, by clicking on their profiles below.  Interested in becoming an Enrollify Contributor?  Send an email to

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Enrollify Members receive early access to content, have the opportunity to advise on and request specific content topics, receive discounts on cohorts and other Enrollify product offerings, and are the first people to be informed about new content coming down the pipeline. Furthermore, members receive exclusive access to research and reports being conducted and produced by the Enrollify team. They can also look forward to a monthly, members-only email newsletter that shares strategies and tactics on what’s working — and not working — in enrollment marketing and student recruitment (with real data and insights from consultants at Enrollify’s parent organization, DD). Membership is $5.99/month.  Become an Enrollify Member today.

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Enrollify Advisors:

The Enrollify Advisory board is made up of industry leaders in the higher education admissions and marketing and communications space. Advisory board members must have a minimum of 10 years of experience working in higher education. The members of the Enrollify Advisory Board agree to write, consult on, and/or be interviewed for one or more pieces of content published on the Enrollify platform each quarter. In exchange for their service, Enrollify Advisors are given a complimentary Enrollify Membership and one free cohort per academic year. Finally, Enrollify Advisors are available for one-to-one virtual consulting on a case-by-case scenario. If you are interested in learning more about coaching opportunities, please request more information here.

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