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About Enrollify:

The applicant journey in 2022 is just more complex than it's ever been. It’s important to talk about these concerns, it’s important to share data and insights concerning industry trends as a whole, but it’s also crucial that these insights and ideas help you to leverage the resources that you do have to generate the results you need. And that’s our hope for Enrollify.

Enrollify produces content in a wide variety of formats — articles, videos, podcasts, newsletters, eCourses, premium content pieces, and more — on a diverse profile of enrollment marketing topics. The content produced on this platform is original, commissioned, and curated.

If you are an enrollment marketer working in marketing and communications or enrollment management  and would be willing to be interviewed for a blog post, podcast, or eCourse OR if you have an idea for a topic that you’d like to hear covered here on Enrollify, please fill out the form on the left and share your ideas with us!