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The Genesis of Enrollify

Towards the end of 2018, the DD team — an enrollment marketing technology agency — conducted a survey that invited enrollment managers to share their honest thoughts on the resources and tools available to them.

More than 60% of respondents say they are dissatisfied or completely dissatisfied with the current professional development resources available to them. Furthermore, in one-on-one conversations with influential industry leaders, we uncovered a hunger for rich, relevant, enrollment-specific marketing content.

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So we thought to ourselves...

One of the things we hear time and time again is that there aren’t enough relevant, actionable resources available for enrollment managers — and specifically enrollment managers working at the graduate level. Many of the resources that do exist are antiquated and don’t sufficiently address the challenges that the modern enrollment manager faces or are crafted first for other industries (primarily those operating in B2B and B2C channels) and then applied to higher ed as a sort of after-thought.

and then we asked a couple of questions...

  1. What would it look like to develop a platform, an online community, and a brand that was solely focused on equipping enrollment professionals with the marketing insights they need to make better decisions about how to generate the next generations of students?

  2. What would we call such an entity?

The challenge that enrollment marketers face today is similar to the challenge that all marketing and sales professionals face today — and that is to put the customer (or in our case student) first. The expectation for the contemporary enrollment funnel is that it is fluid, that the path to enrolling in a program is friction-free and can be completed when, where, and how the user wants to complete it.

Today’s enrollment managers are required to intelligently and efficiently design a variety of pathways in an assortment of formats that help nurture prospects along the applicant journey in a way that is highly-personalized, notably-fast, and ridiculously-helpful. Oh, and to do so with limited staff, less budget, and little-to-no time.

But if enrollment managers had quicker access to blog posts, eCourses, training videos, and tactical resource guides with the insights and ideas they need to attract the right students to their programs, would we see a healthier and more sustainable student recruitment process? Would we see an increase in yield rates and retention rates if enrollment managers had better tools to attract the best-fit future students from the beginning?

We believe so…don’t you?

Generally speaking, enrollment marketing budgets are decreasing — or at the very least not increasing — and there is more pressure than ever before for enrollment teams to prove the return-on-investment of their student recruitment efforts.

It’s no longer enough to show an increase in website traffic, or new inquiry generation, or increased application completion rates. More enrollment managers are being held accountable to bottom line results — today, the metrics that really matter are yield rates and butts in seats. 

So, why Enrollify?

Because the voice of this brand, and the content produced on this digital platform, will be wholly focused on helping you increase your bottom line results. Every post you read, podcast you listen to, and eCourse you enroll in will be oriented towards increasing enrollment. Not just top-of-funnel prospects, or middle-of-funnel inquiries and applications, but actionable insights for the bottom of the funnel.

Our goal here is to make Enrollify the most trusted, go-to, digital resource for enrollment managers on the market. And so we wanted a name that carried connotations of “new”, of “tech-savviness”, of “resource library”, with additional notes of “contemporary” and yeah, a hint of “silicon valley”...kind of like the Spotify for Enrollment Professionals.

The applicant journey in 2021 is just more complex —, especially at the graduate level. It’s important to talk about these concerns, it’s important to share data and insights concerning industry trends as a whole, but it’s also crucial that these insights and ideas help you to leverage the resources that you do have to generate the results you need. And that’s our hope for Enrollify.

Enrollify will produce content in a wide variety of formats — articles, videos, podcasts, newsletters, eCourses, premium content pieces, and more — on a diverse profile of enrollment marketing topics. The content produced on this platform will be original, commissioned, and curated.