Meet Element451

Element451 is an admissions marketing and enrollment CRM that helps teams work more efficiently as they build relationships with prospective students. The platform’s marketing automation, advanced personalization, and predictive analytics are easy to use—no coding required. Find out more about Element451's features through our series of videos with CEO Ardis Kadiu.

Exclusive Overview of Element451

We go 'behind the pitch deck' with these exclusive interviews with Ardis Kadiu, CEO of Element451 — check out his answers to our questions about Element451's marketing technology features in our videos below.

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Welcome to Element451

What is Element451’s unique value proposition with relation to the greater higher ed CRM space?

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How Easy is it (really) to Create Content in Element?

A Look at Element’s Most Popular Tools: Landing Pages, List Building, and Email Workflows

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How Do You Run Custom Reports in Element451? 

Get a detailed look at campaigns, analytics, and audience segmentation in Element.

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How Easy is it to Manage Contact Records Through the Entire Student Experience?

How easy is it to hand off contact records (prospective students) from one department to another? See how Element reduces the friction around managing a student from prospect through enrollment.

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Element451 vs. Slate vs. TargetX — How does Element Stack Up?

Ardis offers candid insight into Element's unique value proposition...and explains, in detail, the difference between Element and competitor CRMs.

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Why Do People Choose Element451?

Why do people choose Element451 over a Slate, TargetX, or other Higher Ed CRM?

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What Type of School is the Best fit for Element451?

Who is the best-fit client for Element451’s marketing technology platform?

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On the Roadmap — AI, Smart Sends, and Communication Channels

What does the 2021 product roadmap look like for Element451?

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