5 Ways An AI Chatbot Increases Enrollment

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Increasing Engagement and Enrollment With An Intelligent, AI-Powered Chatbot

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly transforming how we interact with technology. In recent years, AI-powered chatbots have become increasingly popular as a tool for improving customer service and engagement. 

For higher education institutions, the benefits of using an AI-powered chatbot are numerous. 

In this article, we will explore the benefits of using an AI-powered chatbot and look at how Element451’s own intelligent chatbot, BoltBot, can increase student engagement and ultimately drive enrollment. 


1. Enhanced Student Engagement

BoltBot provides a highly interactive and engaging platform for students with all types of questions. The chatbot provides instant responses to student inquiries and is available 24/7, making it more convenient for students to get the necessary information. Plus, it’s embeddable on any institution's webpage.

This intelligent bot is not limited to keyword matching - it understands the context and meaning behind every question and provides accurate answers based on that. Plus, it gets smarter as you feed it with content and knowledge specific to your institution.

Element451 offers an optional universal knowledge base to jump-start BoltBot, which helps you implement the bot right away and ensure you have institution-specific knowledge in its database. No additional setup is needed, so schools can start using BoltBot right away.

Today’s students want and expect answers fast. With BoltBot, students can get answers to their questions about admissions, financial aid, course registration, and other school-related issues in real time. 

This enhanced engagement and availability leads to increased satisfaction among students, as well as higher retention rates.


2. Improved 24/7 Customer Service for Students

BoltBot's AI technology is designed to handle various inquiries and requests. The chatbot comes equipped with a knowledge base about the school, making it an excellent resource for answering questions related to the school's programs, faculty, and services. 

BoltBot works tirelessly round-the-clock, so your team can focus on more complex issues and building relationships with students during business hours. With BoltBot in charge of answering inbound questions on SMS and web messenger channels, your institution can stay responsive 24/7.

This allows the chatbot to quickly and accurately respond to student inquiries, improving the overall quality of customer service the institution provides. Not only does BoltBot alleviate your staff’s stress, but it also provides a smoother, frictionless experience for prospective and current students.


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3. Save Time and Save Budgets

By automating routine inquiries and tasks, BoltBot can save valuable time and resources for higher education institutions. That’s why we say BoltBot is your newest staff member, only it's available 24/7.

With BoltBot, staff members can focus on more complex tasks, while the chatbot handles routine inquiries such as admissions requirements and financial aid inquiries.

This saves time and resources for the institution, allowing them to focus on other important aspects of the student experience.


4. Personalized Communications in Seconds

BoltBot's AI technology allows for personalized communications with students. The chatbot can use data from your CRM to provide personalized responses and recommendations based on the student's interests and needs.

Every student's communication matters, whether through your chatbot or website. BoltBot ensures every interaction is seamless and doesn’t give students the runaround or confuse them further.

Plus, the integrated Bolt Copilot content generation and copywriting tool helps draft replies, summarize content, translate, and improve writing overall.

This specific and personalized communication helps to build stronger relationships between students and the institution, improving overall satisfaction and retention rates.


5. Do More Without Additional or Specialized Staff

As the higher education landscape dramatically shifts, the demand for student support services increases. With BoltBot, institutions can easily scale their support services to meet this demand. 

The chatbot can handle an unlimited number of inquiries, providing students with the information they need, regardless of the volume of inquiries.

This leaves admissions, marketing, and student engagement teams time and energy to focus on what matters most: student connections.

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Increase Engagement and See Enrollment Soar

An AI-powered chatbot with a knowledge base about your school provides numerous benefits for budget-strapped colleges and universities.

BoltBot by Element451 is an excellent example of an intelligent chatbot, providing enhanced student engagement, improved customer service, time and cost savings, personalized communications, and scalability.

By leveraging this technology, institutions can provide better student support, ultimately leading to higher satisfaction and retention rates.

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