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Chatter is where great decisions start. It’s the first (and only) feedback platform for the education industry’s leading CRMs, SIS’s, marketing services agencies, online program managers, admissions coaches, and more. Get started by reading reviews and writing one of your own!

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Chatter — Where Great Decisions Start

Introducing Chatter — a feedback platform built to help enrollment marketers find the software, services, and resources they need for success. Our goal is to equip you with the information you need to make the right purchasing decision for your enrollment management or marketing and communications team.

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Enrollify eCourses are designed to translate the latest and greatest in marketing strategy and tactics into higher-ed-marketing-lingo...these courses are built first for enrollment marketers and second for everyone else.

What a concept, right?

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Each week, the Enrollify Podcast equips you with insights into how the latest trends in marketing and technology are affecting enrollment managers. Every episode is designed to inspire new, creative ideas for how to optimize the resources you have to generate the results you need.

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The Enrollify Podcast

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Bringing you a 60-second update on the latest trends in Higher Education Marketing each Monday morning. We stay on top of everything happening out there — the tweets, snaps, posts, etc. — and bring you a summary of the stuff that is actually worth reading.

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No sales-y, fear-inducing, or supposedly "funny" fat cat videos here — only the good stuff (with a hint of personality, of course). It's kind of like theSkimm, but for enrollment marketers. Give us a read while you drink your Monday morning coffee. 

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Enrollify Guides are long-form, digital and downloadable resources, crafted to educate you on a particular methodology, strategy, trend, or technology affecting enrollment managers today.  

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The Enrollify Blog is dedicated to sharing best practices, trends and case studies for the marketing of higher education. The content published here is written by the DD team (the folks behind Enrollify) and enrollment management professionals from schools of all shapes and sizes.

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Featured Blog:

Giving Credit Where Credit is Due: Using Attribution Reporting in Higher Education

Attribution reporting – it’s all about who and what gets credit. Who gets the credit for those 5 new leads that came in yesterday? Who gets credit for the 20% increase in applicants for the cybersecurity program? It all depends which attribution model your enrollment team uses ...

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A space for enrollment marketers to learn from, engage, and share ideas and stories with peers. We're on a mission to build a community of admissions and marketing professionals committed to creating value, reducing friction, and increasing sustainability in a student's journey to enrollment.

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Introducing Club: Enrollify 

Club: Enrollify 

COVID-19 has dramatically disrupted the marketing strategies and recruitment tactics of enrollment marketers throughout the world. From our genesis, we have been committed to empowering education admissions and marketing teams with free, innovative ideas for how to optimize the resources they do have, to generate the results that they need.  Club: Enrollify is our latest attempt to deliver true value to the higher ed marketing space.  Welcome to the club!