Creating Community Before College

Posted By Sirley Carballo on Mar 18, 2024 8:15:00 AM

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In the latest episode of the Pulse Check series, Personalizing Prospective Student Journeys, Mallory Willsey and Dustin Ramsdell explore the critical phase of the student journey that sits between application and enrollment.

This engaging discussion titled, Creating Community Before College, delves into strategies for creating a sense of community for prospective students, a pivotal step in ensuring that once students have applied, they remain connected and informed about their potential future at an institution.

Building a Pre-Enrollment Community

Mallory and Dustin highlight the importance of nurturing a sense of belonging and community for students who are in the decision-making phase.

By leveraging digital platforms, institutions can provide personalized experiences that resonate with individual students' interests and needs. The conversation underscores the necessity of engaging students with relevant content, peer connections, and comprehensive support systems to make them feel part of the community long before they set foot on campus.

The Role of Technology in Personalization

Technology plays a vital role in personalizing the journey for prospective students. Dustin emphasizes the potential of AI-powered chatbots and digital experience platforms to deliver timely, empathetic responses to students' queries.

These tools not only alleviate administrative burdens but also enable institutions to tailor their interactions based on individual student profiles, ensuring that every student feels seen and valued.

Key Questions and Considerations for Students

At this juncture, students often grapple with questions surrounding cost, value, and the specifics of their intended programs. Mallory and Dustin discuss the necessity of preemptively addressing these concerns through transparent communication and personalized digital content.

By doing so, institutions can help students navigate the complexities of their choices with confidence and clarity.

Strategies for Fostering Engagement and Confidence

The podcast outlines actionable strategies for building community and engagement among prospective students.

This includes facilitating connections with current students and alumni, showcasing the vibrancy of student groups and extracurricular opportunities, and providing detailed insights into the academic and social landscapes of the institution.

Such approaches not only demystify the college experience for newcomers but also empower them to make informed decisions about their educational futures.

Key Takeaways:

  • Creating a Pre-Enrollment Sense of Belonging: Institutions must actively work to integrate prospective students into their community through personalized digital experiences.
  • Leveraging Technology for Personalization: Utilizing AI and digital platforms can significantly enhance the personalization of the student journey, addressing individual needs and questions efficiently.
  • Addressing Key Student Concerns: Proactively engaging with prospective students about their concerns regarding cost, program specifics, and campus life is crucial for building trust and confidence.
  • Engaging with Current Students: Connecting prospective students with current students and alumni can provide invaluable insights and foster a sense of community.

Join us in the next episode of the Pulse Check, where we will continue this insightful series with a focus on preparing students for success post-deposit. This discussion promises to offer even more strategies and insights for higher education professionals looking to enhance the prospective student experience.

Listen to the full episode, "Part 2: Creating Community Before College," on the Pulse Check to dive deeper into these essential strategies for building community and engagement among prospective students.

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