Destigmatizing Mental Health: Student Affairs And Marketing Unite

Posted By Sirley Carballo on Mar 27, 2024 9:15:00 AM

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In the inaugural episode of Breaking Silos, host Shane Baglini sits down with Angelique Daniels, Director of Marketing Strategy and Research, and Dr. Talia Drummer-Ferrell, Associate Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students at Kent State University.

The focus of this engaging conversation is the university's comprehensive mental health awareness campaign, a prime example of cross-campus collaboration aiming to address a critical issue in today's academic environments.

The Genesis of Collaboration: A Deeper Dive

The formation of the partnership between Angelique Daniels and Dr. Talia Drummer-Ferrell at Kent State University is a compelling story of how necessity and opportunity can converge to spark innovative collaboration. The mental health awareness campaign, born out of a critical need to address escalating mental health concerns on campus, exemplified how interdisciplinary cooperation can break down traditional silos within academic institutions.

Identifying the Need: The initial push came from the stark realization of the mental health challenges students faced, further exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Drummer-Ferrell, in her role overseeing student life and the care team, observed firsthand the impact of mental health issues and suicides on the campus community. This urgent need for action catalyzed the partnership with Daniels, whose expertise in marketing strategy offered a unique avenue to raise awareness and foster engagement.

Forming the Partnership: The collaboration between Daniels and Dr. Drummer-Ferrell was not just strategic but also symbolic of a broader shift towards integrated campus-wide efforts to tackle critical issues. Daniels’ invitation to join the committee overseeing the mental health initiatives marked the beginning of a joint venture that would leverage their combined insights, expertise, and resources to make a tangible difference in the lives of students and staff alike.

Laying the Groundwork: The partnership's foundation was built on mutual respect for each other's expertise and a shared commitment to the cause. By combining Dr. Drummer-Ferrell's comprehensive understanding of student life challenges with Daniels' innovative marketing perspectives, the team set out to create a campaign that was both informative and engaging, aiming to destigmatize mental health discussions on campus.

Unveiling the Campaign: Insights into Execution

The unveiling of the mental health awareness campaign at Kent State University showcased the power of strategic communication and community involvement in driving social change. The campaign's rollout was a masterclass in marketing execution, demonstrating how thoughtful planning and community engagement can amplify a message's impact.

Strategic Implementation: Launching across Kent State’s main, regional, and international campuses, the campaign's reach was unprecedented. The strategic use of diverse media, from bus wraps and bathroom mirror clings to digital platforms and physical displays, ensured that the message permeated every corner of the university's ecosystem. This omnipresence not only heightened visibility but also fostered a unified campus-wide conversation about mental health.

Engaging the Community: A pivotal aspect of the campaign’s success was its ability to involve the entire Kent State community. By featuring students, faculty, and staff as faces of the campaign, the initiative fostered a sense of ownership and personal connection to the cause. This approach not only humanized the issue but also empowered individuals to share their stories, further dismantling the stigma surrounding mental health discussions.

Sustaining Momentum: The campaign’s timing, aligned with Mental Health Awareness Month, and the comprehensive array of events and activities, from educational workshops to wellness events, kept the momentum alive. The initiative’s integration into significant university events, such as homecoming, and the involvement of athletic teams, underscored the universal relevance of mental health, making it a shared campus priority.

Reflecting on Impact: The immediate and palpable impact of the campaign, evidenced by increased engagement with mental health resources and widespread community support, reflects the power of collaborative efforts in addressing societal challenges. The initiative not only raised awareness but also set a precedent for future campaigns, emphasizing the importance of strategic partnerships and community involvement in effecting meaningful change.

The genesis of this collaboration and the unveiling of the campaign at Kent State University highlight a transformative journey from recognizing a critical need to implementing a comprehensive, impactful solution. This case study serves as a blueprint for other institutions aiming to foster a healthier, more supportive campus environment, proving that together, we can break down barriers and champion change.

Key Takeaways:

  • Cross-disciplinary collaboration is essential for tackling complex issues like mental health awareness on campus.
  • Strategic marketing can significantly amplify the impact of health and wellness initiatives, reaching a wider audience and encouraging active engagement.
  • Community involvement, from students to faculty and alumni, enriches the campaign's relevance and reach, making the message more relatable and effective.
  • Adaptability and resilience in planning and execution can overcome obstacles, leading to more refined and impactful outcomes.

The Kent State University mental health awareness campaign serves as a beacon of what's possible when diverse campus entities unite for a common cause. We encourage our readers to listen to the full episode, "Destigmatizing Mental Health: Student Affairs and Marketing Unite" on the Breaking Silos podcast, to dive deeper into the insights shared by Angelique Daniels and Dr. Talia Drummer-Ferrell. Their experience not only highlights the significance of addressing mental health in educational settings but also demonstrates the transformative power of collaborative action.

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