How to Integrate Marketing and Student Care

Posted By Sirley Carballo on Mar 4, 2024 7:15:00 AM

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In the latest episode of the Hidden Gem Podcast, Maya and her guest, Devin Purgason, Executive Director of Marketing and Student Care at Forsyth Technical Community College, delve into an innovative model that bridges the gap between marketing and student care in higher education.

This enlightening conversation sheds light on how Forsyth Tech is leading the charge in enhancing student experiences by merging these traditionally separate departments.

A Novel Approach to Student Engagement

Devin Purgason's unique title at Forsyth Tech piqued interest right from the start, suggesting a revolutionary approach to student support and marketing.

By integrating marketing efforts with student care, Forsyth Tech aims to create a seamless, student-centered experience from the first point of contact through to graduation and beyond. This strategy not only improves the student journey but also boosts enrollment and student satisfaction.

Devin explains that Student Care is essentially about removing barriers and reducing friction for students, offering a seamless transition through various stages of their college experience. This initiative was born from a realization that while the institution was successful in attracting students, there was a significant gap in guiding them through to enrollment and beyond.

By integrating marketing with student care, Forsyth Tech aims to not only attract but also retain students by offering an unparalleled level of support and engagement.

Deepening the Funnel with Student-Centric Support

Building on the foundation of Student Care, Forsyth Tech's innovative model deepens the marketing funnel through a student-centric support system. This approach transcends traditional recruitment tactics by not merely filling the funnel with prospective students but ensuring they are actively guided, supported, and nurtured throughout their journey. This model reflects a shift from transactional interactions to building meaningful relationships with students, recognizing their individual needs and aspirations.

Personalized Engagement: By treating each student as an individual with unique needs and goals, Forsyth Tech has created a supportive ecosystem that adapts to each student's situation. This personalized engagement ensures that students are not just numbers in a system but valued members of the community.

Seamless Support System: The integration of marketing and student care creates a unified front that addresses students' academic, financial, and personal challenges. This seamless support system prevents students from being shuffled between departments, offering them a single point of contact that can address a wide range of inquiries and concerns.

Empowering Student Success: Beyond just aiding in administrative tasks, the student care initiative empowers students to succeed academically and personally. By providing resources, guidance, and encouragement, Forsyth Tech helps students overcome obstacles and reach their full potential.

This innovative approach not only enhances student satisfaction and retention but also serves as a powerful marketing tool. Satisfied students are more likely to become advocates for the institution, sharing their positive experiences with peers and contributing to a virtuous cycle of engagement and recruitment. Through its focus on student care, Forsyth Tech is redefining what it means to support students, setting a new standard for higher education institutions everywhere.

The Power of Positive Experiences

The podcast conversation highlighted how positive student experiences are not just beneficial for the individuals involved but serve as potent marketing tools. Word-of-mouth recommendations from satisfied students can significantly impact a college's reputation and attract prospective students. This strategy aligns with the broader philosophy that everyone on campus, from faculty to facilities management, contributes to marketing the institution through their interactions with students.

Key Takeaways:

  • Innovative Integration: Merging marketing and student care can significantly enhance the student experience and institutional efficiency.
  • Student-Centric Approach: Tailoring support to meet individual student needs ensures a smoother educational journey and reduces friction.
  • Holistic Engagement: Every campus interaction, no matter how small, contributes to the overall perception of the institution.
  • Continual Improvement: Adopting a mindset of growth and learning is crucial for evolving strategies to meet changing student needs.

For those intrigued by Forsyth Tech's groundbreaking approach to student engagement and marketing, listening to the full episode of "Reimagining Student Experience: Integrating Marketing and Student Care" on the Hidden Gem Podcast is a must. Discover more insights from Devin Purgason and Maya on how this model is reshaping the future of higher education. Join the conversation and explore how you can apply these principles to enhance student support and engagement at your institution.

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