The Higher Ed Geek: 2023 Year in Review

Posted By Rita Winthrop on Dec 19, 2023 10:22:45 AM

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Dustin Ramsdell, the brilliant mind behind The Higher Ed Geek, explores the nuances of higher education with a focus on innovative technology and practices from professionals all across the country. Dustin has built a space where innovation and practice converge, exploring the ever-evolving landscape of higher education.

This year, Dustin dug into innovative ways technology and practices have shifted higher ed. 

Here's a recap of the top five episodes of 2023, packed with actionable insights and forward-thinking strategies.


Digital Enrollment and Marketing Trends in 2023

🎙️Will Patch, Senior Enrollment Insights Leader at Niche 

Will's insights provide a roadmap for institutions to enhance their recruitment strategies, with a focus on personalization and differentiation. Discover trends like AI-driven engagement and virtual reality tours, and reflect on their impact versus predictions.

🎧 Uncover the latest AI-powered trends.


Creating Virtual Tours for a University

🎙️Gordon Boyes, CEO of Concept3D 

No doubt higher education institutions need a strong digital presence to best connect with their varied audiences, from prospects to high-impact donors. 

Learn about the unique benefits of virtual tours, such as 360-degree campus views, and their role in attracting and engaging prospective students.

🎧 Explore virtual tour perks.


Higher Ed Trends Panel Discussion

In this special episode, Dustin joins as a panelist for this wide-ranging conversation in collaboration with PeakSpan Capital. Moderated by Russell Perkins, this insightful discussion features Sanket Merchant, a Partner at PeakSpan, unraveling the impacts of edtech on admissions, vocational education, and student success.

🎧 Discover EdTech's effects on higher education.


The Continuing Fight for Graduate Student Rights

🎙️Derek LaMontagne, University of Florida graduate student

Hear about the vital movement for graduate student housing rights. This episode sheds light on the national protests and offers ways to support this important cause.

🎧 Learn how to best support your graduate students.


Exploring a New Era for Higher Ed

🎙️Kate Colbert, Marketing Consultant and Author

Drawing from her book "Commencement: The Beginning of a New Era for Higher Education," Kate provides invaluable insights into adapting to the major shifts in higher education.

🎧 Gain crucial tips for navigating higher ed changes.


The Enrollify Network

The Higher Ed Geek is just one of the many amazing podcasts in the Enrollify network where you can dive into compelling stories, innovative ideas, and practical frameworks crafted to elevate your skills as a higher education professional. 

If you liked these episodes, odds are good you’ll like other shows focusing on marketing, admissions, and higher ed technology.

Happy listening! 

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