Unlocking the Power of Active Listening in Higher Education Marketing

Posted By Shelby Moquin on Apr 26, 2024 12:00:00 PM

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In the latest episode of The Application, host Allison Turcio and guest Katie Mills-Erickson, a seasoned marketing professional from the University of Iowa, dive into the transformative power of truly listening to your audience in the realm of higher education marketing. Their discussion sheds light on how listening can significantly enhance engagement, loyalty, and the overall effectiveness of content.

The Art and Science of Listening

Mills-Erickson's journey began dramatically on the first day of campus closures due to the pandemic, highlighting the immediate need to adapt and truly hear the student body's concerns amidst unprecedented times. This period emphasized the critical role of listening to alleviate anxiety and tailor communications to meet students' real-time needs, a practice that would redefine the University of Iowa's approach to student engagement.

Crisis as a Catalyst for Innovation

During the initial COVID-19 campus closures, Mills-Erickson and her team faced the challenge of engaging with an anxious student population remotely. This led to innovative strategies such as Instagram Q&A sessions and virtual hangouts, which allowed for real-time interaction and provided a platform for students to voice their concerns directly. These initiatives not only helped address students' immediate fears but also set a precedent for future communication strategies that prioritize direct feedback and engagement.

Leveraging Tools and Insights

Without the luxury of extensive social listening tools due to budget constraints, the team relied on alternative methods like monitoring discussions on Reddit and utilizing insights from niche agencies. These strategies enabled them to gather valuable student sentiments and concerns, which were crucial in shaping responsive and empathetic marketing messages.

Shifting Strategies Based on Student Feedback

Mills-Erickson shared a specific example where direct student feedback at college fairs and from admissions counselors led to significant shifts in their marketing approach. By listening to the nuanced needs of prospective students, the team was able to develop content that directly addressed common concerns and questions, such as roommate selection processes and on-campus safety measures.

Key Takeaways

  • Empathetic Engagement: Listening to and addressing student anxieties directly can transform traditional marketing into a supportive dialogue that fosters trust and loyalty.
  • Innovative Interaction: Utilizing social media and virtual platforms for real-time feedback ensures that content remains relevant and responsive to student needs.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Even without high-end tools, creatively using available resources like public forums and partnership insights can guide effective strategy adjustments.

Listen and Learn More

To dive deeper into the nuances of effective higher education marketing through active listening, tune in to the full episode of "The Application" featuring Allison Turcio and Katie Mills-Erickson. Their discussion not only highlights innovative approaches but also inspires real-world applications of listening strategies that resonate with today’s students. Explore more episodes for additional insights into enhancing your marketing strategies in the dynamic world of higher education.


Written by Shelby Moquin

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