How to Market A University

How to Market A University
At a time of declining public support, a shrinking pipeline of traditional college-bound students, and a steady rise in tuition and discount rates, higher education leaders have never been under more pressure. In How to Market a University, Terry argues that institutions can meet all of these goals by implementing strategic integrated marketing in ways that are consistent with academic culture and university values. This Mastercourse unpacks the language, frameworks, tools, and tactics that CMOs or aspiring CMOs will need to lead the work of marketing in higher education.

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  • 10 video sessions that mirror each chapter of the How to Market a University book.
  • 15 expert contributors from both leading institutions and higher education agencies. 
  • 12 downloadable worksheets that will empower you to work the course learnings into your context.
  • 9 creative sprint exercises to help you flex your creative chops along the way.
  • Asynchronous format to allow you to move through the material at your own pace.
  • 4 bonus video interviews with the founding fathers of higher education marketing.

Pricing Tiers: 

  • The Mastercourse | $199 | Get individual access to the full Mastercourse, all supplemental course materials, and bonus content.
  • Institutional Access | $599 | Purchase the Mastercourse, all supplement course materials, and bonus content for your entire team!

Discover the key strategies for staying ahead in graduate marketing with insights on:

Graduate Marketing

The Evolving Landscape of Graduate Marketing

How to navigate the changing perceptions of higher education's value and highlight the transformative impact of your programs.

Student Experience

Understanding the Graduate Student Experience

Tailoring support and flexibility to fit the lives of working professionals, ensuring your programs meet their real-world needs.


Technology for Graduate Enrollment Management

Leveraging AI and CRM technologies to personalize the student journey and enhance enrollment strategies.


Demands and Preparing for the Future

Adapting to preferences for authentic, flexible learning experiences with innovative offerings like stackable certificates and micro-credentials.


Equip yourself with the knowledge and tools needed to thrive.

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