Prompt Engineering for Higher Ed Marketers

Prompt Engineering for Higher Ed Marketers
In the rapidly advancing field of AI, there's an urgent need for expertise in prompt engineering. This specialized skill enables individuals to create compelling, AI-driven content, automate tasks, and craft personalized campaigns, enhancing interaction with AI models to produce more accurate and contextually relevant outputs. As businesses and technologies evolve, mastering prompt engineering opens up opportunities to innovate in marketing strategies, streamline operations, and offer tailored customer experiences. This proficiency not only boosts operational efficiency but also plays a crucial role in shaping the future landscape of AI applications, making it a valuable asset for professionals in the digital age.

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Why should you enroll?

As more organizations adopt AI, the demand for professionals with expertise in prompt engineering will continue to increase. By learning this skill, you can position yourself for career opportunities and stay on the cutting edge.

ChatGPT has over 100 million users, but everyone is stuck in beginner mode. Become part of the elite group of forward-thinking professionals (from any industry!) who understand and have mastered the skill of the future — prompt engineering.

A Comprehensive Prompt Engineering Course for Enrollment Marketing Pros | $199

What is prompt engineering?

Prompt engineering is the process of creating pieces of text, called prompts, Large Language Models (LLMs) like ChatGPT, Bard, and other chatbots. The aim is to design effective prompts that guide the model to generate useful responses or achieve specific tasks.

Course Introduction

Overview - Why AI?- 3 mins

Meet Your Instructor: Ardis Kadiu, Founder and CEO of Element451- 3 mins

Getting Started: Setting up Your AI Tools- 6 mins

Prompt Library

Prompt Library for Higher Education Marketers and Recruiters- 2 mins

Module 1: Introduction to ChatGPT and Prompt Engineering

Understanding LLMs (Large Language Models)- 6 mins

What is ChatGPT?- 3 mins

What is Prompt Engineering?- 5 mins

Use Cases for Prompt Engineering in Higher Education Enrollment and Marketing- 6 mins

Module 2: Basics of Prompt Engineering

Anatomy of a Prompt (Intent, Context, Directions)- 6 mins

Understanding Intent in Prompts- 7 mins

Mastering Directions: Guiding the AI Intern- 11 mins

Understanding Context and Its Importance- 5 mins

Module 3: Direction + Formatting Techniques

Voice, Tone and Style

Variable and Placeholders

Conditional logic in your prompts

Module 4: Frameworks for Advanced Prompting

Chain of Thought (CoT)- 7 mins

Emotional Prompting- 3 mins

Progressive Prompts- 12 mins

Module 5: Custom Instructions for Personalized ChatGPT Use

Introduction to Custom Instructions- 4 mins

Starting Small with Custom Instructions- 5 mins

Comprehensive Custom Instruction Template- 6 mins

Harnessing Brand Identity w/ Custom Instructions- 8 mins

What's next?

What's next? A Sneak Peek- 2 mins

Discover the key strategies for staying ahead in graduate marketing with insights on:

Graduate Marketing

The Evolving Landscape of Graduate Marketing

How to navigate the changing perceptions of higher education's value and highlight the transformative impact of your programs.

Student Experience

Understanding the Graduate Student Experience

Tailoring support and flexibility to fit the lives of working professionals, ensuring your programs meet their real-world needs.


Technology for Graduate Enrollment Management

Leveraging AI and CRM technologies to personalize the student journey and enhance enrollment strategies.


Demands and Preparing for the Future

Adapting to preferences for authentic, flexible learning experiences with innovative offerings like stackable certificates and micro-credentials.


Equip yourself with the knowledge and tools needed to thrive.

Download your guide today and take the first step towards transforming your graduate marketing strategies for 2024 and beyond.

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