Robin Johnson

Robin Johnson

Robin Johnson, D.S.L. is the founder and change leadership advisor of DesignOrg Solutions, an organizational effectiveness boutique consulting firm. Robin brings more than 15 years of experience as a change leader, executing and navigating companies through complex organizational change and development, such as merger and acquisition (M&A) integrations, restructures, and other large-scale transformations. In addition to assessing the impact of change on organizations, a great deal of Robin’s work is helping business leaders and their teams take the “hard” out of change. Instead, she focuses on the “people” part of change. Robin helps leaders understand what change personalities they have on their teams, she shows teams and individuals how to navigate through change, and she assesses the readiness of the organization to go through the change process. Robin is the author of two books. One is “Leaders Don’t Have to be Lonely: Eliminate the Loneliness and Lead like a Coach” which informs managers of people and leaders whose performance goals include developing their team members what it takes to lead with the intent to coach. The other is “Blended: A Leader’s Guide To Managing Change During Post M&A Integrations.”

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Robin Johnson

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