I Wanna Work There!: 2023 Year in Review

Posted By Rita Winthrop on Dec 19, 2023 9:32:07 AM

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Eddie Francis, a marketing and communications expert, is on a mission to inspire higher ed professionals. His goal is simple: to cultivate a culture where everyone says, “I Wanna Work There!” After all, a great employee experience translates to a stellar student experience. 

With a rich background in media and a dedication to expressing the value of identities, Eddie brings a unique perspective to the table. Tune in to these highlights from 2023.


Higher Ed’s Work Culture

🎙️Kevin McClure, Associate Professor of Higher Education at the University of North Carolina Wilmington

There is a pivotal role of campus work culture. Kevin sheds light on the potential strain a negative culture can pose on employees, posing a threat to the employer's brand. 

🎧 Build a positive working environment.


A Title Does Not a Leader Make

🎙️Vicki Baker, Professor of Economics and Management at Albion College

It’s time to challenge the conventional belief that effective leadership is exclusive to executive titles. 

Hear more about a perspective that highlights the authority and expertise of faculty and staff as instrumental forces for positive change on campuses.

🎧 Elevate your content marketing game.


A Look at Higher Ed’s Talent Crisis

🎙️Jaime Hunt, Chief Marketing Officer, Old Dominion University

There’s a talent crisis in higher education. 

Drawing from her experience conducting employee satisfaction surveys, Jaime shares valuable data-driven strategies. 

Explore her emphasis on the impact of empathy, her meticulous approach to job descriptions, and the success of a brand ambassador program featuring employees.

🎧 Boost your workplace.


Building a Productive Team Culture

🎙️Ethan Braden and Kelly Hiller, Marketing and Communications, Purdue University

There is a journey within a marketing team that happens through various challenges and changes. 

Discover how this team navigated challenges, including the team's expansion during the COVID lockdown and a presidential transition.

🎧 Elevate your content marketing game.


No More ‘Post and Pray’

🎙️Kevin Varner, Senior Account Manager of HigherEdJobs

There is an evolution happening in higher education job postings. The traditional “post and pray” approach is no longer viable. 

Learn about the increased traction in postings, changing site traffic, and essential strategies for institutions to attract the right candidates in today's competitive job market.

🎧 Unleash job market success.


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Happy listening! 

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