Navigating Those Tough Conversations: Insights from Rebekah Tilley

Posted By Shelby Moquin on May 13, 2024 7:15:00 AM

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Carrie Phillips dove into a topic that resonates deeply with many but often evokes a sense of dread: the art of having tough conversations. Carrie and Rebekah Tilley, seasoned AVP of Communications and Marketing at the Iowa Center for Advancement and a former leader at the Tippie College of Business at the University of Iowa discuss their strategies in the most recent episode of Pulse Check: Learning From Leaders - Part 3.

The Importance of Tough Conversations in Leadership

Rebekah shared a pivotal moment from her career, highlighting a shift from being the recipient to initiating challenging dialogues. This transformation underscores the evolving nature of leadership roles and the increasing responsibilities that come with them. She discusses the initial discomfort and the defensive fear often associated with these conversations, shedding light on the complex dynamics at play.

Overcoming Fear and Embracing Empathy

A significant part of our discussion revolves around the fears inherent in tough conversations. Rebekah candidly speaks about the anxieties related to the reactions these dialogues might provoke and the potential escalation of conflicts. Drawing inspiration from Taylor Swift, she touches on the fear of becoming the villain in someone else’s story, a common concern among those who are naturally conflict-avoidant.

Practical Strategies for Effective Dialogue

Rebekah provides practical advice for those looking to improve their communication skills. She emphasizes the importance of preparing mentally and physically for tough conversations, which includes seeking advice from trusted mentors and engaging in physical activities to alleviate stress. Her approach not only prepares one to handle the immediate challenges but also contributes to long-term professional development and team dynamics.

Key Takeaways:

  • Evolving Roles: Understanding the shift in your role within conversations is crucial as you advance in your career.
  • Empathy and Preparation: Balancing empathy with thorough preparation can transform tough conversations into opportunities for growth and improvement.
  • Long-term Perspective: Tough conversations are part of broader relationship dynamics and require ongoing effort and revisiting to foster a constructive work environment.
Listen + Learn More

To gain deeper insights into handling tough conversations like a seasoned leader, listen to the full episode of Learning From Leaders - Part 3 on the Enrollify website or anywhere you get your podcasts. Rebekah Tilley’s experiences and strategies provide invaluable lessons for anyone looking to enhance their leadership skills in marketing and communications. Don't miss out on this engaging discussion—tune in to learn how to navigate these essential aspects of leadership effectively.

Written by Shelby Moquin

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