Revamping the Mascot: How Trinity Valley Community College Leveraged Fame for Rebranding

Posted By Shelby Moquin on May 10, 2024 9:00:00 AM

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In the latest release of "Breaking Silos", host Shane Baglini talked with Trinity Valley Community College's Courtney Skiles, Director of Recruiting and Admissions, and Joanna Fritz, Director of Marketing and Communications. They dive into the transformative journey of Trinity Valley's mascot and brand identity, particularly following their exposure in the Netflix documentary, "Cheer."

The Catalyst for Change

The journey began with Trinity Valley’s appearance on "Cheer," which spotlighted their competitive cheer team. Although initially cast in the rival role, this exposure significantly elevated the college’s profile. Courtney Skiles explained that while Trinity Valley had a renowned cheer program, the documentary magnified their global recognition, prompting a much-needed update to their athletic logos and mascot. This update wasn't just aesthetic; it aimed to rejuvenate their community presence and enhance their branding efforts.

Design Challenges and Community Engagement

The redesign process was meticulous and community-focused. Courtney highlighted the outdated condition of the old mascot costume—complete with eyes punched out and a generally dilapidated appearance—which made it clear a refresh was necessary. The new mascot design aimed to be modern, approachable, and a true reflection of the spirit of Trinity Valley. As the new mascot, named Reggie, rolled out, it was used innovatively as a recruitment tool and a staple at community and school events, enhancing the college's engagement with potential students and their families.

Impact and Future Prospects

Joanna Fritz elaborated on the marketing and enrollment implications of the new mascot and logos. With a more contemporary and appealing design, the rebranded elements were not just visually striking but became a cohesive part of the college’s identity. The physical mascot costume was updated with features like internal fans and a design that allowed for active engagement at events, making Reggie not just a mascot but an ambassador for the college.

Key Takeaways

  • Community Focus: Trinity Valley used the mascot redesign as an opportunity to deepen community ties and enhance their visibility.
  • Engagement Through Innovation: The introduction of a modern, well-designed mascot utilized in strategic community and school initiatives significantly boosted engagement.
  • Brand Consistency: The rebranding maintained a consistent theme across all platforms and physical representations, strengthening brand recognition.
Listen + Learn More

Curious about Reggie’s adventures or interested in learning more about Trinity Valley Community College? Tune into the full episode of "Breaking Silos" titled "Redesigning A Mascot: All Fun And Games?" on the Enrollify podcast network and follow their journey on Instagram at Trinity Valley CC. 

Written by Shelby Moquin

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