Talking Tactics: 2023 Year in Review

Posted By Rita Winthrop on Dec 18, 2023 10:30:00 AM

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Strategy Director at Ologie, Dayana Kibilds knows what it takes to be successful in enrollment marketing. Her podcast, Talking Tactics, celebrates successes with limited resources — solo efforts, small teams, tight timelines, and low budgets.

Each episode offers actionable tactics, directly applicable to higher ed’s current challenges. Student expectations and traditional enrollment methods may no longer be sufficient — it’s time to inject more innovative strategies, and some clever tactics, too.

Day interviews some of the most creative and resourceful folks across higher ed to break down a single tactic from idea to result so that you can try it too.

If you haven’t tuned in yet, we’re sharing the top five podcasts in 2023. So sit back, listen, and find your newest enrollment tactic to try next year.


1. Maximize Your Prospect Data with a Two-Step RFI Process

🎙️Jackie Vetrano, Assistant Director of MBA Prospect Management & Marketing, Kenan-Flagler Business School, UNC

How do enrollment marketers ensure higher quality data while not overwhelming the prospective student, causing them to stop out on a Request for Information form submission?

Jackie shares the business school's big move — introducing a two-step request-for-information form which involves an initial short form followed by a more detailed questionnaire.

Discover how this savvy tactic became a game-changer, skyrocketing data points for 60% of organic leads and accumulating a whopping 7,000+ new insights for nearly 3,000 potential students. 

🎧 Improve your student data quality.


2. Saving a Master’s Program With a Simple Paid Keyword Change

🎙️Shane Baglini, Senior Director at Muhlenberg College's Division of Graduate and Continuing Education

Learn how a basic paid keyword switch not only rescued a master's degree from the brink of discontinuation but also transformed its fate. 

According to the program's internal analytics, the keyword change led to a 241% surge in lead-to-inquiry conversions — nearly 50% surpassing their break-even enrollment target.

🎧 Try keyword changes for higher conversions.


3. Ten Tactic Ideas to Boost Your Enrollment

🎙️Loren Bass, Strategist at Campus Sonar

Simon Fairbanks, Head of Student Recruitment Events at the University of Nottingham

Mickey Baines, Partner at Kennedy & Company

Ashley Budd, Director of Advancement Marketing at Cornell University

Jen Johnson, Executive Director, Client Partnership at Ologie 

Discover fresh approaches, from reimagining campus tour guide training to turning your alumni into effective walking billboards. Unlock inspiration with these straightforward ideas that could yield significant results.

🎧 Tune in for practical insights and strategies.


4. Grow Your Followers With Student Stories

🎙️Gustavo Segui, Director of Marketing, Advancement & Admissions

Storytelling is often a marketer’s favorite tactic to create a genuine connection with their audience.

The International School of Curitiba increased their followers and reach on Instagram by showcasing students in their proudest moments. 

🎧 Learn how to share your student stories.


5. Scale Down Your Viewbook for Bigger Impact

🎙️Nicola Anderton, Director of Digital and Marketing at the University of Nottingham

Simon Fairbanks, Head of Student Recruitment Events at the University of Nottingham

The University of Nottingham's groundbreaking micro-prospectus, the world's first mini-viewbook, proves that less is indeed more. 

This tiny creation simplified the production process, serving internal audiences and partners better, and championed sustainability, reducing overall costs by a whopping 96%. 

🎧 Start small, aim big.

The Enrollify Network

Talking Tactics is just one of the many amazing podcasts in the Enrollify network where you can dive into compelling stories, innovative ideas, and practical frameworks crafted to elevate your skills as a higher education professional. 

If you liked these episodes, odds are good you’ll like other shows focusing on marketing, admissions, and higher ed technology.

Happy listening! 

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