Unleashing the Power of Email and Brand Strategy in Higher Education

Posted By Sirley Carballo on Mar 12, 2024 8:15:00 AM

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In a recent episode of the Higher Ed Geek Podcast, host Dustin Ramsdell was joined by Dayana Kibilds, the vibrant voice behind the Talking Tactics podcast.

Dayana, a strategist at Ologie and a co-author of an upcoming book on email marketing, shared her journey from Caracas, Venezuela, to becoming a key figure in educational marketing in Canada.

The Genesis of a Marketing Maven

Dayana's story is a testament to the power of adaptability and passion. Born in Venezuela and having lived in six different countries, she brings a unique global perspective to her work.

Currently residing in Canada, Dayana and her family have embraced a car-free lifestyle in a city not designed for walking, showcasing her commitment to sustainability and community engagement.

Professionally, Dayana has found her calling in email marketing, a niche where she excels and innovates.

The Philosophy Behind Ologie

Ologie, where Dayana directs strategy, specializes in branding, marketing, digital, and web solutions for nonprofit institutions, with a strong focus on educational entities.

Dayana’s role involves diving deep into the essence of an institution, uncovering its unique identity through spreadsheets, data, and heartfelt conversations.

The goal? To craft brand strategies that resonate on a profound level, often moving stakeholders to tears with the power of well-articulated identity.

The Birth of Talking Tactics Podcast

The Talking Tactics podcast emerged from Dayana's desire to stay connected to the pulse of enrollment marketing strategies despite not being directly involved in campus operations.

The podcast serves as a platform for sharing innovative tactics in higher education marketing, with a particular focus on actionable strategies that can be implemented with limited resources.

Dayana's vision was to create a resource that empowers higher education professionals to execute effective strategies, regardless of their institution's size or budget.

The Journey Ahead

Looking to the future, Dayana is excited about the upcoming season of Talking Tactics, which promises to delve into AI-related tactics and other innovative approaches to enrollment marketing.

Her ultimate dream is to see listeners apply the tactics discussed on the podcast and share their success stories, fostering a community of collaborative growth and learning.

Key Takeaways

  • Dayana Kibilds brings a unique blend of global insights and a passion for email marketing to her role at Ology.
  • Ology's commitment to crafting deeply resonant brand strategies highlights the importance of understanding an institution's essence.
  • The Talking Tactics podcast fills a crucial gap in higher education marketing by focusing on actionable strategies that can be implemented with limited resources.
  • Dayana’s work exemplifies the power of learning, sharing, and evolving together in the ever-changing landscape of higher education marketing.

Inspired by Dayana’s story and insights? Dive deeper into the world of higher education marketing by listening to the full episode of The Higher Ed Geek on the Enrollify Podcast Network.

Discover actionable strategies, innovative tactics, and the inspiring journeys of professionals like Dayana who are shaping the future of higher education. Let's keep walking the walk and talking the tactics together.

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