Leading with Grit and Grace: Women Mentorship, Community, and Advocacy

Imagine a leadership landscape in higher education where women's voices not only resonate but lead the charge in transforming challenges into remarkable opportunities. Research shows that women in higher ed leadership roles often experience lower job satisfaction and pay than their male counterparts.

Join us as we explore the unique journey of women higher ed leaders with authenticity and courage. From breaking down systemic barriers to navigating the complex intersection of age and gender, we're fostering a vibrant, supportive community ready to shape the future.

Walk away feeling empowered, equipped with the grit, grace, and solidarity needed to lead boldly and confidently. Let’s redefine what leadership looks like and create a more inclusive and impactful higher education landscape together.

Key takeaways:

  • Navigate Leadership Challenges Specifically for Women: Learn to navigate the complex interplay of age and gender in leadership roles, emphasizing strategies for achieving work-life balance, particularly for women and rising professionals, and overcoming male-dominated power structures.
  • Enhancing Confidence, Resilience, and Self-Care: Gain insights into building confidence and resilience amidst challenges, coupled with the importance of self-care as a foundation for strong leadership. This includes practical approaches to confronting and thriving within male-driven environments.
  • Fostering Diversity, Community and Mentorship: Discover actionable steps for building effective, diverse teams through networking and peer mentorship.

This webinar will take place on August 1 at 1pm ET / Noon CT.

Can’t make it live? Register to get access to the video recording.

Panelists: Allana Forte, Kin Sejpal, Dr. Tomika Ferguson, Dr. Carrie Phillips, Mallory Willsea

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