State of Higher Ed Digital Marketing

Enrollify’s expert panel will explore the evolving challenges and strategies in higher education digital marketing. This session will feature insights from industry experts: Day Kibilds, Strategy Director at Ologie; Maya Demishkevich, Chief Marketing Officer at Carroll Community College; and Ardis Kadiu, CEO and Founder of Element451.

The panel will address pressing issues such as navigating marketing resource constraints during economic downturns, evolving strategies to match changing demographics and interests of prospective students, the prioritization of new skills in hiring for marketing teams, and innovations in email marketing tactics to maintain relevance and effectiveness. We’ll also explore how artificial intelligence is reshaping engagement strategies with prospective and current students, with practical examples from the field.

This webinar is designed for marketers looking to enhance their current strategies and discover new opportunities for growth. It will provide actionable insights and recommendations to help you navigate the evolving landscape of digital marketing in higher ed.

Watch the Webinar Replay

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