Celebrating 'Talking Tactics': Enhancing Your Institution’s Reputation

Celebrating 'Talking Tactics': Enhancing Your Institution’s Reputation
Shelby Moquin
July 8, 2024
Brand Development

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As we celebrate the first anniversary of "Talking Tactics," we are excited to reflect on the impactful strategies our guests have shared over the past year. Hosted by Dayana Kibilds, Vice President of Strategy at Ologie, this podcast has become an essential resource for higher education professionals.

Each episode of "Talking Tactics" is devoted to a single tactic that significantly impacted an enrollment metric—be it inquiries, booth visitors, completed applications, deposits, reach, engagement, registrations, or views. The catch? These tactics had to be executed with limited resources: by a single person, a small-but-mighty team, within a short timeframe, or on a tight budget. By focusing on these specific tactics from idea to results, each episode feels like something you can immediately implement yourself.

Over the next four weeks, we'll spotlight the remarkable tactics that have significantly boosted reach, reputation, engagement, and conversions. Today, we highlight a few episodes that that have empowered institutions to build and enhance their reputation.

Scale Down Your Viewbook for Bigger Impact (Ep. 7)

In Episode 8, "Scale Down Your Viewbook For Bigger Impact," Simon Fairbanks and Nicola Anderton reveal how reducing your viewbook can slash costs by 96% while staying true to your brand’s values. This approach not only saves resources but also earns praise for its authenticity. Simon and Nicola’s insights emphasize the power of a focused viewbook in conveying core values effectively.

Their practical advice includes streamlining content to highlight key messages and using high-quality visuals to make a lasting impression. By doing so, institutions can create a more impactful and memorable viewbook that resonates with their audience.

Amplifying Your University’s Research Reputation with Reddit (Ep. 9)

Episode 9, "Amplifying Your University’s Research Reputation With Reddit," features Lucy Guest discussing the untapped potential of Reddit. By strategically posting academic research, Lucy achieved millions of views, significantly boosting her university's reputation. This episode offers a step-by-step guide to engaging with Reddit communities and crafting posts that attract attention and foster engagement.

Lucy’s strategy includes identifying relevant subreddits, participating in discussions, and sharing research in an accessible and engaging manner. This approach not only increases visibility but also positions the institution as a thought leader in its field.

Walk the Walk on DEI and Amplify Reach with Raw Authentic Stories (Ep. 17)

In Episode 17, "Walk The Walk On DEI And Amplify Reach With Raw Authentic Stories," Mikki Collins highlights the importance of genuine storytelling in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives. Sharing raw, unfiltered stories can amplify reach by ten times, making a significant impact on your institution's reputation.

Mikki provides tips on sourcing and sharing authentic stories that reflect diverse experiences within the student community. These stories create a powerful connection with prospective students and demonstrate a genuine commitment to DEI values.

Key Takeaways
  • Scale Down Your Viewbook: Streamlining your viewbook saves costs and enhances brand authenticity.
  • Reddit for Research: Leveraging Reddit can significantly increase the visibility of academic research.
  • Authentic DEI Storytelling: Sharing genuine stories amplifies reach and fosters inclusivity.

"Talking Tactics" releases a new episode bi-weekly on Tuesdays and is made possible by Element451, the next-generation AI student engagement platform helping institutions create meaningful and personalized interactions with students. Learn more at element451.com.

Shelby Moquin
Creating a Netflix-Like Experience for University Websites: Enhancing Student Engagement with AI

Creating a Netflix-Like Experience for University Websites: Enhancing Student Engagement with AI

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AI and Data: Your Content Marketing Superpowers – 4 Key Takeaways from the Engage Summit

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Shelby Moquin
Strengthening College Brand Identity Through Mascots: A Case Study from Great Falls College
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Strengthening College Brand Identity Through Mascots: A Case Study from Great Falls College

Maya Demishkevich has the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Stephanie Erdmann, Dean and CEO of Great Falls College on the latest release of The Hidden Gem podcast. They dove into the fascinating journey of how Great Falls College introduced a new mascot to strengthen its brand identity. They offer valuable insights into the strategic process behind adopting a mascot, especially for institutions without an athletic program.

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