Confessions of a Higher Ed CMO: 2023 Year in Review

Posted By Rita Winthrop on Dec 19, 2023 11:57:32 AM

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"Confessions of a Higher Ed CMO" hosted by Jaime Hunt is the go-to resource for tech-savvy professionals in the realm of admissions, marketing, and student affairs, this podcast unveils invaluable insights and strategies. 

We’re getting into the top five episodes of 2023, offering a concise and powerful rundown that promises to be a game-changer for higher ed enthusiasts seeking innovative solutions and expert perspectives.

Reshaping Your Narrative: Rebounding After Job Loss and Crafting Your Comeback Story

🎙️Bryce Hoffman, AVP of Integrated Marketing at the University of New Hampshire.

Jaime sits down with a seasoned professional who recently experienced a significant career transition. Bryce shares his journey of having his position eliminated and the subsequent process of rebuilding his professional life.

🎧 Tune in for practical insights and a game plan.


Secrets to Successful Strategic Enrollment Planning

🎙️Alejandra “Ale” Sosa Pieroni, Executive Vice President – Enrollment Management, Marketing, and Student Success, Georgia Southern University.

In the face of shrinking student numbers and rising costs in higher education, enrollment and marketing leaders must sync up. Institutions prioritizing collaborative strategic enrollment management are poised for success.

🎧 What’s your plan for 2024?


Understanding the Role of Marketing from a President’s Perspective

🎙️Thom Chesney, former president of Clarke University

Gain insights into the relationship between the university president and chief communications and marketing officer.

🎧 Explore leadership relationships.


Unleashing the Power of Stories for Epic Content Marketing

🎙️Brian Piper, Author of Epic Content Marketing, Second Edition.

Hear valuable insights and strategies for higher education marketers to navigate the ever-changing content marketing landscape.

🎧 Up your content marketing game.


Get Ahead of the Curve: Future Proof Your Marketing Strategy with AI

🎙️Mallory Willsea, VP of Marketing and Demand Generation at Element451

The next big thing in marketing is here — artificial intelligence (AI). This episode looks deeper into ChatGPT, and how marketers can leverage it to streamline content creation and craft highly efficient customer service chatbots.

🎧 Future-proof your marketing strategies.

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Confessions of a Higher Ed CMO is just one of the many amazing podcasts in the Enrollify network where you can dive into compelling stories, innovative ideas, and practical frameworks crafted to elevate your skills as a higher education professional. 

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Happy listening! 

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