Who is an Enrollment Marketer?

Posted By Tatiana Quiroga on Feb 21, 2020 6:44:37 PM

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At Enrollify, we empower modern ‘enrollment marketers’ — and we use that term intentionally. 

We believe that fusing the very best marketing strategies and tactics with the deep knowledge base and understanding of enrollment management is the optimal way to succeed in the enrollment and recruitment of prospective students. 

So how do we define an enrollment marketer?

Enrollment Marketer – Defined

Enrollment marketer = a higher ed professional working in admissions or marketing who attracts, engages, and delights prospective students through recruitment strategies that leverage the latest marketing tactics and technologies to maximize impact on their institution's bottom line.

If you are a program coordinator, admissions counselor, director of enrollment, or higher ed marketing and communications professional who cares about making an impact in student recruitment, you are an enrollment marketer, and Enrollify is for you. In fact, Enrollify was built and designed exclusively for you — everything on our platform was created with your needs and goals in mind.

As budgets shrink and resources decrease, more and more marketing and communications and enrollment management teams are seeing the importance of working together in a symbiotic relationship to drive students through the applicant journey

Enrollment management professionals have had to expand their expertise to include greater awareness and understanding of crucial marketing strategies and best practices. 

Meanwhile, marketing and communication professionals have had to learn the unique nature of student recruitment and applicant journeys.  At some organizations, professionals are even wearing two hats, juggling the pressure of achieving enrollment marketing bottom-line results and effectively articulating the value proposition of the university to prospective students.

The Unique Role of Enrollment Marketers

Marketing is no longer about funneling a person to apply and counting it as a win. Driving prospects to not only apply but enroll is now the name of the game. Increasingly, marketing professionals are held accountable to bottom-line results (yield rates), and you need to keep that in mind when considering your approach and efforts. While marketers used to be held accountable to metrics like impressions and lead generation, they're now increasingly being held accountable to impacting application numbers. Enrollment teams used to be held accountable for increasing yield rates and deposits; now, in many institutions, enrollment teams are being held accountable, at least in part, to retention metrics. 

To meet these new and ever-changing expectations, it’s vital to adopt an always-on content approach, and constantly align your marketing tactics with measurable goals. As you continually promote open houses, information sessions and academic programs, you should surround your audiences with the messages that matter, piquing their interest and engaging them with valuable, informative premium content while they consider if, when, and where to pursue a degree.

Helpful Resources for Enrollment Marketers

With an ever-changing marketing industry, there will always be new insights and trends to keep up with. So, how do you most effectively apply the latest tactics to what is the incredibly niche vertical of higher education? How do you parse out the chaff from the wheat and determine what’s worth the time and money to investigate and execute?

There are a lot of marketing tactics out there, but not all of them will prove beneficial for student recruitment and move the needle to where it needs to be.

That’s where Enrollify comes in. We know exactly where you stand. In fact, we surveyed many of you. The results? More than 60% of respondents said they were dissatisfied with the current professional development resources available to them. 

We found that there was an immense desire for rich, actionable, enrollment-specific marketing content, not marketing insights that were developed for other industries, but ones that intentionally and purposefully address the distinct modern challenges of enrollment marketers today.

Some of us have even worked on your side with boots on the ground, making an impact in marketing or enrollment management at higher ed institutions.  But now we’re here for you — to provide you with deep tactical, actionable, and empowering digital guides and resources that help you capitalize on the resources you have to achieve the results you need. 

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Tatiana Quiroga

Written by Tatiana Quiroga

Tatiana is the Content Manager at DD — an enrollment marketing technology agency that helps undergraduate and graduate institutions recruit students. She is passionate about managing and executing inbound marketing campaigns that drive results for clients. She believes remarkable storytelling is a key component of successful marketing, and she appreciates digging into data to measure that success. As a former journalist, Tatiana uses her research, writing and analytical skills to strategize about the most compelling and effective content pathways for target audiences.

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