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How to Re-Package and Promote Existing Majors That Will Attract Gen Z and Gen Alpha

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You're invited to enroll in a 4-week educational cohort on how to better leverage the "5th P" of marketing...


How often have you heard: This program is our best-kept secret—we just need to promote it?

Promotion, while important, is not a sustainable strategy for every program—especially if there are not enough resources to promote every program individually.

You can play an important role here; instead of saying no, you can show value by leaning into the 5th P of marketing: Packaging. Packaging will allow you to kill two birds with one stone: promote a cluster of programs while helping elevate institutional/organizational reputation.

Using a methodical, data-driven, and brand-aligned criteria, you will learn how to create compelling packaging categories of existing programs in a way that appeals to the Gen Z and Gen Alpha audiences (and their influencers) while ensuring you can work within resource constraints.

Specifically, in this cohort, you will learn how to:
  • Use a step-by-step process for building a packaging plan
  • Align packaging plan with motivations of Gen Z and Gen Alpha audiences
  • Get buy-in with the academic areas in a way that also serves the greater organizational goals
  • Demonstrate success by having a robust packaging measurement plan
  • Identify roles and responsibilities of enrollment, marketing, and academic units to create a solid three-legged stool

Packaging (or re-packaging) can be the secret sauce to top-of-the-funnel success; you may want to learn the recipe!


4 "live" Video Sessions

Each class will be 75 minutes long with 45-50 minutes of teaching and the 25-30 minutes of collaboration. 

Worksheets and Templates

Any and all course materials referenced by the instructor will be accessible to participants. 

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Kin Sejpal headshot

Kin Sejpal

Kinnari “Kin” Sejpal is the Vice President of Marketing and Communications/Chief Marketing

Officer at University of Redlands where she oversees brand management, enrollment

marketing, and communications and digital teams. Before joining Redlands, Kin served as the

Associate Vice President, Marketing and Creative Services at Rochester Institute of Technology

(RIT). Among her many accomplishments there, Kin developed RIT’s brand strategy and

launched its first national reputation campaign.


Kin started her career in the U.S. by joining Purdue University’s Office of Marketing and Media

where she held progressively responsible roles in the areas of advertising, marketing strategy,

and marketing intelligence.


Dedicated to advancing higher education and the importance of marketing in shaping the

perception of our industry, Kin serves in prominent positions with CASE (Council for

Advancement and Support of Education) and AMA (American Marketing Association). 

Kin has an M.B.A in Marketing and Strategic Management, and an M.A. in Communications

from Purdue University.


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