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Prompt Engineering for Higher Ed Marketers

In the rapidly advancing field of AI, there's an urgent need for expertise in prompt engineering. Learn to create compelling, AI-driven content, automate tasks, and craft personalized campaigns and...

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How to Run Unforgettable Recruitment Events in a Digital-First World

Sharing our expertise to help you run unforgettable events, promote your institution, and build connections with prospective students.

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How to Reduce Friction on Your Website and Compel Students to Enroll: Site Search 101

Enrollify and Squiz partnered to develop a comprehensive, dynamic eCourse packed with everything you need to know to leverage site search for student recruitment.

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Conversational Marketing for Higher Education eCourse

In this eCourse we'll outline all things conversational marketing to take your prospective student engagement from 0-60 in just a few short weeks. Follow along at your own pace and end the course...

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