FRIdeas #13: 13 Stats from Business School Communication Flows That All Enrollment Marketers Should Know...And Then Disrupt


About the Episode

A couple of months ago, the team and I engaged in a secret shopper experiment. 

We completed RFI/RMI forms at about 80 different business schools – all in an attempt to garner better insight into who was "winning" and "losing" the comm flow game.  

I've shared some of our learnings from this experiment in previous episodes, but we've just completed our analysis of the first 400 post-inquiry emails that I received from these schools — and I couldn't help but share some of our findings with you on this week's episode!

For folks that don't have time to watch the video, here's the big takeaway: post-inquiry communication flows (generally) stink...if you're looking for an easy way to differentiate your program's brand, write better emails

Remember — as a business school, you're not just competing with the emails from other MBA programs in a prospect's're competing for their attention with the likes of Amazon, SweetGreen, J.Crew, and The New York Times. 

I sincerely hope today's episode inspires you and your team to audit and augment your own comm flows this summer.

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