FRIdeas #14: 3 New Ideas to Help You Become a Better Enrollment Marketer This Summer


About the Episode

On Wednesday I received a concerned message from an Enrollify subscriber.

We'll call her Sarah.  

As a result of restructuring (thanks to Covid), Sarah's team has been cut in half.

Furthermore, her VP has tasked her with developing a "truly unique" strategic marketing and recruitment plan for this fall.

She was thankful to have a job. She was thankful for the increase in responsibility. 

But she was nervous that her marketing skills had grown a bit rusty...

And fearful that if she didn't bring something new to the table, her value might be questioned.   

We chatted, she joined Enrollify Premium, and the ideas have been flowing!

I think it's safe to say Sarah's feeling much more confident about the fall...

But you might not be there just...which is why I wanted to share some of the ideas I gave to Sarah with you on this week's episode of FRIdeas. 

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