FRIdeas #27: SEO Hacks for the Higher Ed Marketer with Little-to-No Time, Money, or SEO Knowledge


About the Episode

Over the past three months, I've received 5x the number of questions about SEO from enrollment marketers than I received all of last year. 

Most of the time, the email/phone call/Slack/text goes something like:

"S.E.Oh my gosh I have no idea what I'm doing." (shout out to my colleague Shane Kehl for synthesizing these inquiries so wonderfully 😎). 

"Oh, and did I mention I have no time?  No money?  And no staff support?" The inquirer continues. 

If this sounds like you, or someone you know, then this episode of FRIdeas is for you! 

Carry on, warrior — we've almost made it through this week.  Happy Friday! 


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