FRIdeas #3: How to Find Qualified Prospective Students During COVID-19


About the Episode

Fun fact: my grandmother texted me yesterday and asked who I'd be "Zooming" with this weekend...these are certainly strange times, Friend!

Okay, it's Friday (woot woot!), which means it's time for another exciting episode of FRIdeas.

This week's episode is on How to Find Qualified Prospective Students During COVID-19: Strategies, Tools, and Resources for Enrollment Marketers.

Don't have time to watch me share these ideas with you? That's a bummer, but I get it. Here's the TL;DW: 

  • Now is not the time to stop marketing (unless you're Harvard), but it is the time to pause and really audit you digital campaign strategies to determine where you're seeing REAL ROI.

  • Aligning your SEO and paid search strategies has never been more important. Watch to learn how to get a sense for what you’ve earned and where you’ve still got to pay to play (I give you several free resources to tap into!)

  • Stop spending money on head tail keywords (terms like "best MBA") right now!  Instead, use that money to hire a freelancer/student to create content for you around the long-tail keywords your school/program has a real opportunity to "win" on.

  • Sign up for tools like SparkToro to get a MUCH deeper understanding of where your audience lives (digitally, speaking) and use this data to inform your audience profiling strategies (share this info with your vendor partner if you don't run these campaigns out of your own office).

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