FRIdeas #5: 3 Unique Enrollment Marketing Campaign Ideas You Should Steal Right Now…


About the Episode

I've been thinking a lot about my enrollment marketer friends this week. 

May is a big month for many of you — it's usually the climax of a 9-10 month student recruitment cycle (and perhaps the first sign that a bit of rest is coming soon!). 

This year, for many folks, May 1 is the new April 1. Even if your school kept its May 1 deadline, the hope for some R&R this month might seem foggier than usual — but don't you dare lose that hope!

In preparing for this week's episode of FRIdeas, I really wrestled with the question "If I was the VP of Enrollment Management & Marketing at a college or university right now, what campaigns would I be running to stand out?" 

My hope is that the ideas I share in FRIdeas #5 will be a conversation starter for you and your team.  I am fully confident that you will take these half-baked ideas and turn them into something 10x greater...but my prayer is that they'll help kindle the creative fire!

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