FRIdeas #34: How to Dramatically Boost Your SEO Game by Leveraging the Power of User-Generated Content


About the Episode

So you understand the content topics you want your school to own...

You've conducted keyword research to identify the terms you want to win on.

Then, you went ahead and spliced these target terms into your existing site content.

Next, you developed an editorial strategy that outlines the new blog articles and other content pieces you need to publish to have a fighting chance of usurping the current page winning that coveted position...

And then you begin to hyperventilate when you realize someone has to create all of this content.

And you're a team of one.

All of a sudden, it feels like you're stuck in the "this is fine" meme.

But then you watch this week's episode of FRIdeas...and you discover the powerful network of storytellers in your backyard (no, not your literal backyard...your students!). 

Learn how to marry your SEO strategy with the power of user-generated content by hitting that play button above!

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