FRIdeas #31: The Enrollment Marketer’s 2021 Toolbox: The Tech, Tools, and Toys You Need for Success


About the Episode

A couple of times a week, we receive emails from you, our loyal subscribers, asking questions about the tools and tactics we use to stay on-top of the latest and greatest trends in marketing. Today, Zach shares 10 of the tools that enrollment marketers should have in their toolbox in 2021.

1. Item #1:MailBrew

2. Item #2: TypeStudio

3. Item #3: SEMRush

4. Item #4: Ubersuggest

5. Item #5: Ideasgrab

6. Item #6: Headline

7. Item #7: Facebook Ads Library &

8. Item #8: Clearbit

9. Item #9: Marketing Communities like Trends and Swipe Files

10. Item #10: ProductHunt

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