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May 20, 2024
Episode 8: Strategies for Strengthening Regional Workforce Development and Partnerships

Strategies for Strengthening Regional Workforce Development and Partnerships

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About the Episode

About the Episode: In this enlightening episode, Blair Lee, the Executive Director of Strategic Communications and Alumni Engagement at the Community College of Aurora, shares his rich journey through higher education marketing and the innovative strategies his team employs to support partnerships and regional workforce development needs. From the importance of alumni engagement from day one on campus to the pivotal role of marketing in connecting education with industry demands, Blair provides actionable insights into making higher education institutions a cornerstone of community and workforce development.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Importance of Employer Branding: Explore the crucial role of employer branding in attracting quality faculty and staff, vital for student satisfaction and institutional success.
  • Strategies for Talent Attraction: Learn innovative ways community colleges can enhance their appeal to potential employees, including showcasing unique benefits and leveraging the institution's mission.
  • Employee Satisfaction: Hear the significance of creating a supportive and engaging work environment to ensure employee satisfaction and retention.
  • Impact of Digital Presence: Explore how a strong digital presence and leadership visibility on social media can influence job applicants' perceptions and decisions.
  • Practical Tips: Gain actionable insights for community colleges to implement immediately to boost their employer brand.

The IMPACT Framework

About the Show: The Hidden Gem podcast is dedicated to empowering community college presidents, executive team members, enrollment, marketing and communication leaders with the knowledge and insights they need to harness the full potential of strategic marketing and communications within their institutions. This podcast aims to shed light on the often-overlooked aspects of marketing, emphasizing its vital role in shaping an institution's overall strategy and success.

By showcasing real-world examples, case studies, and interviews with experienced community college leaders and industry experts, the podcast will inspire its audience to view marketing and communication as integral components of their leadership toolkit, not an ancillary service. It aims to elevate the importance of these functions and empower leaders to make more informed and strategic decisions in their roles.

Connect With Our Host:

Maya Demishkevich

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People in this episode


Maya Demishkevich is the Chief Marketing Officer at Carroll Community College and the host of The Hidden Gem.


Blair Lee

Blair Lee is a higher-ed creative strategist, administrator and professor. By day he leads the Community College of Aurora’s marketing, public affairs and digital strategy efforts as the Executive Director of Strategic Communications and Alumni Engagement. He is also the host of the monthly education podcast Fulfilled: Your Inside Glimpse Into Higher Ed. Mr. Lee regularly lectures on funding disparities in higher education and writes frequently on institutional access, brand advancement and student success initiatives. Blair is a proud two-time alumnus of the University of Baltimore. He is currently pursuing his PhD within the School of Education at Notre Dame of Maryland University. You can follow him online on all social platform @TheHIgherEdCreative

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